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0027387mantisbtadministrationpublic2020-10-27 14:56
Reporterdregad Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version2.17.0 
Target Version2.25.0Fixed in Version2.25.0 
Summary0027387: Manage user page table footer is displayed even when empty

When there are fewer than 50 users in the database, the page navigation controls are not shown, which results in an empty table footer being displayed.

The attached screenshots illustrate the problem.

Additional Information

Regression introduced when the user search was moved to the top of the form (see 0012677, MantisBT master 5fa99c07)

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related to 0012677 closedatrol Please change a search option to manage users 




2020-10-10 09:38


50_users_or_less.png (22,341 bytes)   
50_users_or_less.png (22,341 bytes)   
more_than_50_users.png (15,083 bytes)   
more_than_50_users.png (15,083 bytes)   


2020-10-10 12:00

administrator   ~0064538

Similar behaviour on Manage Tags page (manage_tags_page.php) when displaying <= 20 tags.



2020-10-11 04:21

developer   ~0064539

Thanks @atrol I'll fix that one too while I'm at it.



2020-10-11 04:22

developer   ~0064540

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Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 247b2ef3

2020-10-11 04:12:12


Committer: atrol Details Diff
Display footer only when page navigation is needed

- In manage user page, the navigation controls are only displayed in the
section footer when there is more than one page. Issue 0012677 moved
the search form to the header, resulting in an empty footer div when
there are 50 users or less.
- In manage tags page, the navigation controls are only displayed in the
section footer when there is more than one page, resulting in an empty
footer div when there are 20 tags or less.

The footer div in the above pages is now hidden when there is only one
page worth of data.

Fixes 0027387
Affected Issues
0012677, 0027387
mod - manage_tags_page.php Diff File
mod - manage_user_page.php Diff File

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