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0028084mantisbtuipublic2021-05-13 06:58
Reporterdregad Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.25.0 
Target Version2.25.1Fixed in Version2.25.1 
Summary0028084: Labels for email notifications in User Prefs page appear in bold

See screenshot for illustration

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Regression introduced in MantisBT master d27ea37d, see 0027258

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related to 0027258 closeddregad Code cleanup around User/Global Profiles 


Related Changesets

MantisBT: master d27ea37d

2020-09-01 23:02


Details Diff
Add <label> to form inputs

To comply with WCAG standard, inputs should be associated with a label.

This requires a CSS tweak CSS to ensure consistent display of labels in
bold font.

Fixes 0027258
Affected Issues
0027258, 0028084
mod - account_prof_menu_page.php Diff File
mod - css/ace-mantis.css Diff File

MantisBT: master 5615c1ba

2021-03-17 23:47


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Only set bold font for th > label, not td > label

Regression introduced by d27ea37de79604f9e6cbbd908383085f4a5f679a.

Fixes 0028084
Affected Issues
mod - css/ace-mantis.css Diff File