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0029062mantisbtadministrationpublic2021-09-14 12:26
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OSWindowsOS Version10 
Product Version2.22.1 
Summary0029062: [BUG] Upgrade the level of access globally from the administration of the project page for users

When I'm in the administration page for a project and I change the acces level then I change for the all projets for this user the acces level

John Doe is "Rapporter" on the projet Matrix and "Invite" on the projet John Wick
In the Matrix project I select the access level "Manager" and after upgrade I see that John Doe is also "Manager" on the John Wick project

Steps To Reproduce

Step 1
Have one user on 2 projets and 2 acces levels differents

Step 2
Go to administration page for one projet

Step 3
Change the acces level for this user

Step 4

Step 5
Go to user profil

Step 6
See the acces level by projet

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2021-09-14 12:26

reporter   ~0065839

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