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0029111mantisbtcustomizationpublic2021-10-17 05:47
Reporterink Assigned Todregad  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionno change required 
OSWin10 Professional, Ubuntu 
Product Version2.25.2 
Summary0029111: Unable to hide columns on Issue View page.

It seems that Mantis ignores configuration of View Issue page columns. Tried to change config both via web-interface and editing config_inc.php, and while i make changes succesfully, mantis proceeds to ignore them, showing disabled columns on View Issue page.

Steps To Reproduce

Try to change View Issue page fields=>fail.

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2021-09-28 11:19

developer   ~0065867

Configuration can be defined at several levels

  • globally, in config file
  • for all projects
  • for specific projects
  • by individual users

So my guess is that you've changed settings at a higher level, a value that is overridden by a lower one.



2021-09-29 03:03

reporter   ~0065868

I don't think that your guess is correct. I modified CSV export, excel export and print issue columns without an issue, using same way.



2021-09-29 05:11

developer   ~0065870

I'm sorry, but I am not able to reproduce the problem. As far as I can tell, columns removed via account_manage_columns_page.php, View Issues Columns field, are effectively no longer displayed in view issues page.

Please provide detailed step-by-step instructions to reproduce, from a fresh install of MantisBT.



2021-09-29 06:07

reporter   ~0065871

Columns were removed both via manage_config_columns_page.php, View Issues Columns and account_manage_columns_page.php, View Issues Columns.
Very well, here goes my steps to reproduce issue.

  1. Mantis was succesfully installed on Apache 2.4+ PHP 8.0.10 + mysql 8.0.26 (creating new database via mantis installation). Server running on Win10 Pro. PHP timezone is Asia/Vladivostok. Mantis default timezone is Vladivostok.
  2. Logging in default administrator account.
  3. Creating project named "test". Project state is "in development", "inherits global categories" setting enabled and visibility is "public". Desctiption is empty.
  4. Navigating to Manage>Manage Configuration>Manage Columns. In field "View Issues Columns" removing "priority, ", "severity, ". "View Issues Columns" field now contains following string: "selection, edit, id, bugnotes_count, attachment_count, category_id, status, last_updated, summary". Updating config for project "test".
  5. Navigating to My Account>Manage Columns. Making exactly the same changes as in step 3. Updating config for project "test".
  6. Creating issue in project "test". Entering word "test" in summary field and the same word in description field, otherwise leaving everything intact. Submitting issue.
  7. Viewing newly created issue via view.php?id=1. Both priority and severity columns are here.


2021-09-29 06:50

developer   ~0065873

Viewing newly created issue via view.php?id=1

This is your problem. As the name implies, View Issues Columns setting only affects the columns shown in view_all_bug_page.php (list view).

You probably want to set $g_bug_report_page_fields, $g_bug_view_page_fields and/or $g_bug_update_page_fields config instead.



2021-09-29 06:56

reporter   ~0065874

Oh, i see. I'll try that. Thanks for your help!