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0032505mantisbtotherpublic2023-05-25 15:03
Reporterrabbit01 Assigned Todregad  
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Summary0032505: Finance

MantisBT is open Source and I'm wondering, how you finance the project?`
Couldn't find any information on your hompage

Kind regards,

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2023-05-12 09:46

developer   ~0067745

Operating costs (domain, hosting) are paid by @vboctor.

All the rest is done by volunteer work (mainly by myself and @atrol).

Why are you asking ?



2023-05-13 03:19

reporter   ~0067746

@vboctor, @atrol, @dregad
We are using MantisBT as communication tool / task tracking tool with our customer. Ok, it is a bit off-label use, however it fits perfectly to our purpose. And I've never found a software as configurable and multifunctionable as mantis is. Great work!
We would like to make a donation as it is possible for most of the other open source software.
If you could send me your account details (or any other practical option to send you a donation) via my private email, that would be great. It won't be too much, however it should be sufficient for a good dinner for all three of you. Or it pays the hosting to a certain amount... as you wish, I leave it up to you.



2023-05-15 04:23

developer   ~0067748

Many thanks for this @rabbit01, that's very kind of you !

I have to say, it comes as a nice surprise... I've been a MantisBT developer for nearly 15 years, and as far as I know this is the first time someone actually comes forward with an offer for a donation.

A dinner would be nice, however difficult with Victor being in the US, Roland in Germany and myself in Switzerland... Anyway I need to discuss with the others, mainly Victor, to determine how we're going to handle this. I'll get back to you.

Meanwhile, can you please clarify, whether your intention is to support the Project itself, or to individually reward the developers ? If it's the latter, then as far as I'm concerned feel free to sponsor me on GitHub.



2023-05-15 11:49

reporter   ~0067751

Hi @dregad

We would like to sponsor the project in the first place. So maybe you use it for the operating costs for the hosting and the domain. And if there is anything left, you may equally share the rest with whoever you like ;-).

To donate to individuals from our side would be difficult in a way, that it is not so easy to say how much to whom.

PS: I'm from Switzerland too. So just let me know if you're interested in how we use mantis. Happy to show you around.