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0034499mantisbtadministrationpublic2024-07-22 09:53
ReporterTimo Assigned Todregad  
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version2.26.2 
Summary0034499: Test email working

An email server test with error feedback would be quite useful in mantisbt/admin/check/ during setup

When I was testing, the only feedback I had was whether or not an email arrived (and as a noob, I wasn't quite sure which actions would trigger an email and to whom in the default setup)

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2024-07-08 16:54

developer   ~0069029

Is page <yourMantisUTL>/admin tab Email Queue what you expect?



2024-07-09 02:33

reporter   ~0069032

Oh, I got the email working.

This is just a feature request for a test for email being sent correctly (which I realise may be non-trivial).

I just found it a bit hard to get clues when it was not working.



2024-07-22 08:53

developer   ~0069045

Useful reading for email configuration troubleshooting

As for implementing logic to test and diagnose email configuration, quite frankly that would be a lot of work and IMO not worth the effort.

You can generally get a good idea of what is wrong, simply by setting $g_log_level = LOG_EMAIL | LOG_EMAIL_VERBOSE; and review the log file configured in $g_log_destination.



2024-07-22 09:53

reporter   ~0069048

That is a great link - my apologies for not finding it - maybe make it a sticky if not already, and add a link to the admin page while you're there ?
[please don't think that I thought that email diagnosis is not be a full time job already ! ]