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0005036mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2010-05-04 19:50
Reporterpstephan Assigned To 
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Product Version0.19.2 
Summary0005036: Group operations should prompt for details

When selecting a group of issues to Close, Resolve, etc., the user should be prompted for the same information that is requested when a single issue is Closed, Resolved, etc. For example, when viewing a single issue, you can change the status to Closed, at which time you are prompted for the version in which the issue was fixed. However, when closing a group, you do not get this ability.

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My preference would be to be prompted once and then apply the answer to all issues in the group rather than being prompted for the information for each issue.

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2010-05-04 19:47

reporter   ~0025398

I hesitated to revive an issue that's 5 years old, but this is what I came to report... Is there a solution for this? Specifically, I would like to be able to set 'fixed in version' when closing a group of issues at once.