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0005704mantisbtemailpublic2007-08-10 16:30
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Summary0005704: reporter receives email about bugnote he can't view


We have private project. User has added bug. Developer has added private bugnote. User has received email with information about bugnote, but he does not care because he can't view it (because it's private).

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I changed a lot i my mantis version, so check on "clean" version please.

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2006-11-09 08:29

reporter   ~0013707

We have a clean 1.0.5 Installation, and can repoduce this effect.
For my understanding: a private bugnote is only visible to $g_private_bugnote_threshold an up. This should also be true for mail about a bug.

Just my 2cents:
The policy would be better, if the reporter of the ticket would also see private bugnotes. As analogon, if he opens a private ticket, he can also see this ticket.



2007-01-10 15:25

reporter   ~0013907

Same issue with 1.0.6.

To remark on sgrund's comment -

We use private bugnotes to hold information of a more technical level (for dev. team) that the reporter doesnt need to know. So I definately need the reporter not to see the private notes and could definately do without the confusion of him receiving an email telling him a note he cannot see has been added.

Also, if someone that can see the bug could automatically see what's private inside, the private flag would not make much sense...

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