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0006067mantisbtfeaturepublic2006-10-20 00:07
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Summary0006067: Copy categories allow selection of which categories to copy

I just accidentally hit copy categories before I changed the project selection and BOOM copied all the categories from the wrong project. I've often found that when copying categories, I don't really want them all and sometimes I only want a couple.

It would be much nicer if the Copy Categories buttons took me to a confirmation / selection screen with checkboxes for all the categories being copied, all checked by default. Then if I screwed up, I can still back out, and I can copy exactly the categories I want without having to copy them all and then delete the ones I didn't want copied.

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2006-10-20 00:07

reporter   ~0013626

I agree

Otherwise the default project in the copy project DD should be the current project and should throw the "category with same name exists in project" error if it is not changed prior to the copy from/to

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