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0006550mantisbtfeaturepublic2006-06-22 14:13
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Product Version0.19.2 
Summary0006550: Too many files uploaded to a single directory for one project

We have a QA project with as many as about 200 files per month uploaded into the server. As far as I know, if using host's filesystem as files storage, mantis stores these files under a single directory for a single project. So after several months, there are more than thousands of files under this single directory. That will at least lead to "Too many arguments" problem when we try to backup this directory using tar/gzip utilities.

For DB performance consideration, we are not going to use DB to store such many attachments.

The solution is to automatically create sub-directory under the given project directory, which results in a directory tree just like the spool directory structure of those email daemons such as postfix. The most simple one may be just creating one sub-directory for each month, say 200512 for Dec 2005, 200601 for Jan 2006, 200602 for Feb 2006 etc.

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2006-01-04 02:22

reporter   ~0011865

Btw, the mantis server runs Linux.