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0006766mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2006-02-28 09:36
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Product Version1.0.1 
Summary0006766: print_reporter_option_list() Bug in "core/print_api.php"

when the project filter is set to "all projects" (i.e. 0), an implicit MySQL query is called in the "print_reporter_option_list()" function.

This query begins with a regular join that creates all possible combinations of the "mantis_user_table", the "mantis_project_table", and the "mantis_project_user_list_table" tables. Though the "mantis_user_table" and "mantis_project_table" will necessarily have at least 1 entry, the "mantis_project_user_list_table" contains no entries unless someone has been given special permissions to a specific project. If this table is empty, the "print_reporter_option_list()" function will necessarily always return 0 results.

On another note, there is probably some optimization that could be done here as this query grows exponentially in resources and times as these 3 tables acquire entries.

I recognized this bug in a modified 0.8.x version of mantis, but noticed that it was still present in the latest 1.0.1 code.

Steps To Reproduce
  • clear the "mantis_project_user_list_table" so that it has no rows
  • select "all projects" from the filter

At this point, anything that calls the "print_reporter_option_list()" function will necessarily return 0 results.

Additional Information

this bug is likely also present in the other functions such as

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