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0006811mantisbtjavascriptpublic2006-09-29 03:06
ReporterSivan Greenberg Assigned To 
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Summary0006811: 0005526: bigger description window

The "Description" window should be much bigger, or at least resizable. This is the most imprtant window when filing the bug and it barely occupies 15% of the page. Very unconvenient when providing code snippets and such.

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2006-03-09 05:36

reporter   ~0012300

A little JavaScript button to the right of each textarea to "maximize" and on the second click "minimize" the textarea would be useful. Until such a feature is implemented, you can of course change the textarea rows in your local Mantis installation.



2006-09-29 03:06

manager   ~0013548

When we start implementing AJAX features in Mantis, we can use a multiline edit box that extends as the user types more lines.

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