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0006821mantisbtadministrationpublic2006-03-09 07:02
ReporterSivan Greenberg Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary0006821: 0003563: Component switch influences all windows and sessions

The setting in 'Switch' window seems to be permanent for all windows and sessions of Mantis - if I open some bug report page with 5 pages, and then I open another Mantis tab and browse there to other component, I can no more continue browsing the first one to the next page - the component is switched to second one. This is a very major nuisance.

  1. Choose 'Zend Platform' or any other big component
  2. Browse to page 2 (click on 2 below)
  3. Open some Mantis bug in another tab
  4. Change component in the other tab - say, Optimizer Component
  5. Return to first tab and try to go page 3 (click on 3)
  6. Witness you now viewing Optimizer bug list and not Zend Platform
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