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Summary0007438: How to .....about category


I have a little problem of interpretation here:
I started from here:

Limit reporter's access to their own issues - check

  1. Our clients have diferent versions of our product.
    • they are not allowed to see other client versions. (because they can make mistakes in report and relese the bug in other version, which they don't have) (minor - I allways know the versions that we delivered to reporters..but we don't know if they have installed)
      (here doesn't work)
  2. Have diferent modules of our product.
    • I cannot make a common project with all categories
    • so, category cannot be assigned.
      (I don't have category)
    • I made a project - subproject structure to resolve this problem
    • the subprojects are not inherit versions form project (this is not cool), because in some cases I have 20 subprojects(and in some cases the patch is delivered and principal version is incrementeted)
    • so some subprojects don't have version(only compiling date is known)
  3. Change log page is usless.

Give-me some ideeas please

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2006-09-15 02:22

reporter   ~0013390

also in page Docs and news I have to make private for clients ., because each client have diferent tipes of docs;...a button can be made there ...who can see that document ..or how can see the news

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