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Summary0007773: The Developer is able to change [Reported By], and [Assigned to]? t

The developer is able to change the reported by user . It is not logical for a person to alter the persons name who logged or identified the bug.

Steps To Reproduce

Log in as an user with Developers rights !
select View Issue > Update Issue > Change the Reported by name

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2007-02-20 13:55

reporter   ~0014076

This is not always the case. I am frequently asked to report issues into my institution's Mantis database on behalf of another user. In that situation, I do need to change the reporter's name to the person who really did report the issue. I do not think this behavior should change.

A better request would be allowing a threshold to be set for this level of access. In some cases, it may be a good idea to prevent developers from changing from changing the reporter but allow managers to do so.

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