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0007814mantisbtemailpublic2017-01-18 11:10
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Product Version1.0.6 
Summary0007814: Email notification does not work well

It seems impossible to check only a given role for email notification. If I check for example the role to the left of the list, all roles at the right (except administrator) are checked too.

Look at this thread on mantis forums, there are screenshots included too...

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2007-03-12 16:12

reporter   ~0014172

More specifically, a single tick box is OK. If more than one box is ticked in a row, then any boxes inbetween also get ticked when you click update. The (unwanted) inbetween tick boxes can not be ticked off.

The picture in the link above will help this to make sense.



2007-03-14 01:20

reporter   ~0014180

Having looked a little more at this, I would say that this is the expected behaviour of mantis. All access parts of mantis relate to thresholds; ie all above, all below, between two levels or a single level.

You will need to rethink your access levels (and possibly alter / add) to be able to undertake what you want to achieve.

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