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0008259mantisbtinstallationpublic2007-08-12 03:13
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Product Version1.0.8 
Summary0008259: mantisbt requires manually create database user

If during installation of mantisbt you follow manual (
and enter all the required field in mantisbt/admin/install.php form and just press Install/Upgrade button, you'll receive the error:

Attempting to connect to database as user POSSIBLE PROBLEM
Database user doesn't have access to the database ( Access denied for user 'asdf'@'localhost' (using password: YES) )

The problem is that I've entered nonexistent database username in the field "Username (for Database)" of install form. If I open mysql client and create this user for database by myself, then everything works. But the the question is why should I provide root username and password in install form as I can give user for mysql all required permitions (to create database and tables)? The latter is even more secure IMO.

So possible solutions as I see them are:

  1. Fix mantisdb so it creates database user by itself.
  2. Fix mantisdb not to require root database password and add additional information into manual.

BTW. This question is not only mine (see SeanBDurkin note in

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