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0008467mantisbtsecuritypublic2007-12-04 10:33
ReporterFRnunurs Assigned Tovboctor  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.1.0rc1 
Target Version1.1.0rc2Fixed in Version1.1.0rc2 
Summary0008467: Users can login using the MD5 hash of the password

When you try to log with an existing login and the md5 hash of the password :

  • you CAN log in the session
  • the real password is replaced by its md5 into database.
Steps To Reproduce
  • get an existing login and its password (or just login and its md5 hash password)
  • try to log with login/md5 password
  • now your logged ( Oo !! ) and the password in Database is replaced by its md5... ( Oo !!² )

you can try again with the md5 of the md5 ... and again and again ...

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has duplicate 0008635 closedvboctor The encryption password is insecure 




2007-10-15 10:08

manager   ~0015877

I haven't attempted to reproduce this yet, but I have targetted for both rc2. We should also check if this is applicable to Mantis 1.0.x branch. The good thing is that this can only be exploited if the hacker has access to the database, which hopefully wouldn't be the case. However, we should fix it anyway.



2007-10-19 02:53

manager   ~0015902

I've reproduced the problem, the fix is as follows:

In core/authentication_api.php: auth_does_password_match()


pass the stored password in as the salt

if ( auth_process_plain_password( $p_test_password, $t_password, $t_login_method ) == $t_password ) {


pass the stored password in as the salt

if ( auth_process_plain_password( $p_test_password, $t_password, $t_login_method ) == $t_password ) {

Do not support migration to PLAIN, since this would be a crazy thing to do.

# Also if we do, then a user will be able to login by providing the MD5 value
# that is copied from the database.  See 0008467 for more details.
if ( $t_configured_login_method != PLAIN && $t_login_method == PLAIN ) {

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