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0008635mantisbtauthenticationpublic2007-12-20 01:37
Reporterbethysgu Assigned Tovboctor  
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Product Version1.1.0rc3 
Summary0008635: The encryption password is insecure

Since the authentication process is trying several methods to verify the password (plain text), the encryption password is inefficient. Somebody can use the encrypted password stored in the database to authenticate under the account of someone else.

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duplicate of 0008467 closedvboctor Users can login using the MD5 hash of the password 




2007-12-03 12:02

reporter   ~0016354

You need access to the database to make this happen. We assume that only the trusted administrator could do this.

There are several documented ways to secure the database. (ref )



2007-12-03 12:14

reporter   ~0016355

In this case, the encryption of the password only adds no special protection



2007-12-04 00:36

manager   ~0016357

I've fixed this as part of 0008467. Let me know if you have any comments before I resolve this issue as a duplicate.



2007-12-04 03:57

reporter   ~0016360

I can not see the description of the bug 0008467. I suppose that the bug is closed, and I do not have enough right of access.

But when reading the title, I think also that is a duplicate.

When I see the source code it's ok. I excuse me because I was trying something with the ldap authentication. (
it is already corrected in the 1.1.0rc3 version.



2007-12-04 10:33

manager   ~0016368

This is a duplicate of 0008467 which is now marked as public.

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