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Summary0008658: Changing the way, projects are deleted and moved


==> mantis caused a timeout at about 8.000 rows it deleted (via project deletion function...)

I think it's better when mantis tries to delete a smaller amount of issues at one time, and redirecting to a page which deletes the next one. If this would be integrated, it should have a better experience for the user, when he deletes (or maybe moves) issues... because on this way, mantis will not cause php timeouts :)

Additional Information

i set up an automated function in one of my proejcts, which reports exceptions to mantis.

The project is a task, running every night at a given time unsupervised. It should import just some data into a database.

The last week this project caused about 43.000 errors caused bei a broken vpn connection...

all the exceptions are reported to mantis, so i had to delete them :P

Ok, i tried to delete the bugs...

it was impossible...

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2007-12-15 20:26

manager   ~0016442

I agree with the concept, we should also provide some sort of progress information as we refresh the screen. We may even use a progress bar similar to the one we use in the roadmap. Contributions are welcome!

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