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Summary0008864: Release management with version control

Hi, would love to hear on how this can be done differently else i would suggest:
We are using mantis for both bug tracking, future control, manage enhancements... by creating a release issue and linking all the issues (bugs or enhancements..) as children to this issue and then we assign the parent item to the next person in the process as we pass the change through the release process from product team to devs to qc to ops and sometimes even back and forth is feedback is required.

I know we can use the target version to group issues but that does not allow us to effectively pass the release around that is the container that we use as the container for the scrum cycle.

Therefore what would be nice is if i can create a custom field called release version and;

  1. automatically register the version in the project table on save
  2. update each child issue linked to the parent with the target version the same as the parent item

comments pls or suggest alternatives?

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2008-04-24 00:11

reporter   ~0017672

Ok who can i discuss this issue with as it is getting more and more complex here, we have 20 products, 55 code bases to control and i need help on how to manage this via mantis else will need to move to diff tool :(



2008-05-05 06:17

reporter   ~0017772


I'm just wondering what: Fixed in Version, Product Version, Target Version - would need to be able to do to help you, as i'm not sure I yet understand what your trying to do.




2008-05-07 13:58

reporter   ~0017792

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