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0009014mantisbtintegrationpublic2008-03-27 11:20
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Summary0009014: Mantis ignores the Dokuwiki Start page name directive

Dokuwiki has a directive which specifies the Start page name. On the dokuwiki side, the default in "dokuwiki.php" is

$conf['start'] = 'start'; //name of start page

This can be overridden in the Dokuwiki configuration plugin, or else in file local.php in the dokuwiki/conf directory.

In Mantis the default root namespace is specified in config_defaults_inc.php with global variable

$g_wiki_root_namespace = 'mantis';

However, the default starting page hard-coded in wiki_docuwiki_api.php is

$t_home = 'start';

Variable $t_home should be set to whatever is in the dokuwiki configuration. If Mantis cannot retrieve it easily, then we need a new global variable

$g_wiki_start_page = 'start';

for us to override.

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2008-03-27 11:20

reporter   ~0017478

This will/should be addressed with the release of 1.2.x and the new plugin system. It will contain 'deprecated', backward-compatible wiki integration that works identically to the functionality from 1.1.x, but will put emphasis on newer external plugins for each wiki type. This will be the chance for developers to create individual plugins designed to better integrate a wiki within Mantis.

To this end, any work to enhance existing wiki integration would be better spent developing new integration plugins for 1.2.x. Documentation for this sort of development effort is still in progress, but should be available before the 1.2.x release.

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