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Summary0009553: Hide Project comb box and logical issue in 'view assigned to'

Hi All

I've posted this in mantis forum but i got no answer and I'm in a bad need for this now

I want for a specific project, to hide the project comb box from the reporter view and to set him automatically specific project as a default. is it possible by configuration?

if not, is there is a piece of PHP code i can put in config_inc file to handle this ? i don't know PHP to write it

i want to say somthing like:

if (( project_name == 'Proj1') && (access_level == 'REPORTER')
hide project comb box

Thanks v much

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Note: the reason behind this request is a logical issue in 'view assigned to'

here is the story:

1- new project is created. this project will be specific for specific customer to post his issues and requirements.
2- the corresponding customer account is created as a reporter.
3- project is configured with very tight configuration to limit the reporter from monitoring many things. we just want him to see this project only, report issue, view public notes,,, etc. one of the configurations needed is to prevent him of vieweing the 'assigned to' developer.
4- login using the customer account. yes he has only one project in the project comb box. great. and when he choose this project, he can't see the assigned to . also great
5- but when he choose "All Projects" from comb box--> he can see the 'assigned to' developer. that means that i need to configure the 'All Projects' to hihde the 'assigned to'
6- if i configure "ALL Projects" to this settings. so all projects will be affected. so i will need to come through each project again and check the "view assigned to" option for the reporter. (i have 40 projects)

so all what i have thought about, is to be able to remove the project comb box from reporter view in a specific project and set a default project for him, so he will not be able to choose "All projects" again.

if it is fixed in the latest version, so it will be a problem for me cause I've reported another issue concerning upgrading to the new version. so if you please have a solution i can do with the current version this will be appreciated

Thanks v much

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