Mantis Performance is down

This plugin allows you to report an issue in MantisBT by sending an email to a particular mail account

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Mantis Performance is down

Post by pvenkat » Aug 05, 2011 2:04 am

Dear All,

I have a serious concern with my mantis

Installed 1.2.6 (latest version) with windows installer.
I have around 30 users and more than 500 Issues in my DB currently..
But when I report/ update any issue Mantis performance is drastically coming down.
Tried the following things even..
1. updated to "mediumtext" for metadata/ body in table "mantis_email_table" tough its not working out.

But to resolve the above issue, I kept Email Notification in OFF but I can not move ahead for long run with this solution I need my developers to get notified on New Issues/ Updates on Issues.... with EMAILS (which is not possible now unfortunately....)

Can anyone please helpme out with the solution.

Thanks for your support in advance..


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Re: Mantis Performance is down

Post by cas » Aug 05, 2011 8:14 am

This has nothing to do with this plugin, you better post on a different board for usable tips & tricks

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