Stop auto emails regarding Notes added in Issue

This plugin allows you to report an issue in MantisBT by sending an email to a particular mail account

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Stop auto emails regarding Notes added in Issue

Post by sonam »

Hello all,

Kindly please check my issue and please reply as soon as possible on urgent basis.

Actually there is a problem regarding "Notes" which automatically created and mail has been dropped regarding same on my support email id.

When client raise some issue from their email on my support email id then in Mantis Issue is been created in form of ticket and same thing happens in my support email id too.
But the problem is that in every 15 minutes an email regarding a note listed as "A NOTE has been added to this issue" has been coming into my support email id inbox. 80 or 100 mails are arrived till now for same issue.

I have set this file mantisbt/plugins/EmailReporting/scripts/bug_report_mail.php into my cronjobs in cpanel for every 15 minutes.

So please let me know the solution as soon as possible.
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Re: Stop auto emails regarding Notes added in Issue

Post by SL-Gundam »

Run said script manually and see if an error is produced

If an error is returned please post it here otherwise please specify which versions you are using for the following software
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