"Time tracking" on Mantis 2.0 ??

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Re: "Time tracking" on Mantis 2.0 ??

Post by Dundee »

Hi epenet
Best regards, for you help me. I open a new therad.
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Re: "Time tracking" on Mantis 2.0 ??

Post by mariakatosvich »

I too have enabled it, time tracking on 2.1.0. was indeed as simple as amending the config_inc.php to set $g_time_tracking_enabled = ON;
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Re: "Time tracking" on Mantis 2.0 ??

Post by erix »

didaquis wrote: Yes! You need activate this option. On your config_inc.php file add this line:

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$g_time_tracking_enabled = ON;
Yes, Thank You so much didaquis ! ;)
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Re: "Time tracking" on Mantis 2.0 ??

Post by Mophilly »

epenet wrote: However, I have a need for two features:
1. ability to set the date of the work (eg. I worked 4 hours YESTERDAY on this issue.)
2. ability to set a custom tracking field (eg. research, dev, testing...)
My group developed an in-house plugin that presents a time entry grid that lets the user set the date, time and note content. It has a couple of hooks into one of our in-house systems, but that dependency could be modified or removed. It is does not support custom field within the bug note.

If this is of interest, please contact me via this board, or at mophilly.com.

BTW, there is, or was, a third party time entry plugin available some years ago. It didn't quite fit our needs but it looked very good, with many useful features.
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