Time tracking on MantisBT 1.3

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Time tracking on MantisBT 1.3

Post by Dundee »

In Older versions of MantisBT there are a plugin TimeTracking (for me the best), because this plugin: Time Tracking (https://github.com/mantisbt-plugins/timetracking) but not support version 1.3.
The pluging that go with de system have to much errors.
Could someone make me work with version 1.3?

Thank you very much

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Re: Time tracking on MantisBT 1.3

Post by epenet »

Hi @Dundee,

In my spare time, I have attempted to implement a fix for 1.3, but I don't have a 1.3 setup to test against.
You can download it here: https://github.com/mantisbt-plugins/tim ... uery_bound

If you can test it, and confirm it is working, then I will pull it back into the master-1.0 branch.
If you have issues with it, then I suggest you add a comment on https://github.com/mantisbt-plugins/tim ... /issues/18, or reply on this thread.


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