install mantis with tomcat 8

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install mantis with tomcat 8

Post by mr_nobody »

Hi, I have tomcat 8 installed and followed the instructions given in: ... g-quercus/
I can run a php file named test.php with phpinfo() but when I try to run the http://localhost:8080/mantis/admin/install.php I get the following error: Tomcat 8.0\webapps\mantis\core\session_api.php:103: Fatal Error: 'whirlpool' is an unknown algorithm [hash] . The PHP Version is 5.4.0. Does anybody had issues with the installation that could help me to solve this ?


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Re: install mantis with tomcat 8

Post by atrol »

mr_nobody wrote:he PHP Version is 5.4.0.
You shouldn't use this version, see
It's recommended to use 7.0.x or newer ...
Please use Search before posting and read the Manual

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Re: install mantis with tomcat 8

Post by rombert »

Running with Quercus under Java is not a supported configuration, so as you see it fails.

Please review the links mentioned by Atrol and pick a platform from those.

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