Remove tags on bulk from mantis BT

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Remove tags on bulk from mantis BT

Post by sunilkunwar » Nov 17, 2017 12:19 am

Hi all,

I have attached the tags Sprint1, Sprint2 .... Sprint8 on issues on mantis BT. After Sprint8 we want to start from Sprint1 again. So i need to delete all Sprint1 tags from those issues.
But there is only options for attaching new tags, not removing the existing tags. It can be done one by one but since there are more than 300 issues, i need a way to do so on bulk.

Anyone have any idea?
Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Remove tags on bulk from mantis BT

Post by atrol » Nov 20, 2017 2:07 am

You can add your own action. Use setting $g_custom_group_action for it.

Code: Select all

 * Custom Group Actions
 * This extensibility model allows developing new group custom actions.  This
 * can be implemented with a totally custom form and action pages or with a
 * pre-implemented form and action page and call-outs to some functions.  These
 * functions are to be implemented in a predefined file whose name is based on
 * the action name. For example, for an action to add a note, the action would
 * be EXT_ADD_NOTE and the file implementing it would be
 * bug_actiongroup_add_note_inc.php. See implementation of this file for
 * details.
 * Sample:
 * array(
 *	array(
 *		'action' => 'my_custom_action',
 *		'label' => 'my_label',   # string to be passed to lang_get_defaulted()
 *		'form_page' => 'my_custom_action_page.php',
 *		'action_page' => 'my_custom_action.php'
 *	)
 *	array(
 *		'action' => 'my_custom_action2',
 *		'form_page' => 'my_custom_action2_page.php',
 *		'action_page' => 'my_custom_action2.php'
 *	)
 *	array(
 *		'action' => 'EXT_ADD_NOTE',  # you need to implement bug_actiongroup_<action_without_'EXT_')_inc.php
 *		'label' => 'actiongroup_menu_add_note' # see strings_english.txt for this label
 *	)
 * );
 * @global array $g_custom_group_actions
$g_custom_group_actions = array();
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