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Session timeout

Posted: Apr 04, 2019 4:48 pm
by jasb

Where can i change the session timeout default value for 2.20?
I checked the and don't see any value for it.

Thanks in advanced,

Re: Session timeout

Posted: Apr 05, 2019 8:43 am
by cas
So how does this time out look like?
Do you have a print screen?

Re: Session timeout

Posted: Apr 07, 2019 2:30 pm
by jasb
Hi cas,
Well, I think it timeout in about 30 minutes!
Where should i look for this configuration?

I transffered the files and DB to the new server, don't see why this changed, and dont think it's a php conf

Re: Session timeout

Posted: Apr 08, 2019 3:36 am
by cas
Hi jasb,
what do you mean with time-out, what happens, do you get a message?

Re: Session timeout

Posted: May 04, 2019 3:13 pm
by violetevergarden7511
try logging in with "permanent login" then visiting a page within mantis then closing browser then revisit site after some time then redirection to login page, worked for me might work for you too.