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use dual URLs

Post by didds »

MantisBT 2.5.0
(URLs masked for obvious reasons)

Currently we have a lovely working installation of 2.5.0 accessed from

This parameter is set

config/config_inc.php: $g_path = "";

We wish to use the same existing installation now with a second URL

merely creating a DBS cname for does not work - all that happens is a 302 redirect to

There may also be some underlying apache configs to overcome also but one thing at a time...

is there anything in the mantisbt cinfig I need to change/add/delete/whatever to permit mantisbt to handle both urls?


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Re: use dual URLs

Post by jsonr »

If you unset the $g_path parameter in your config, does it work?

Normally, mantis should be able to figure out the server address from the request, but it may depend on your server config.
If you really need to set $g_path manually, then some condition that sets it to the correct server for the request based on whatever information is available should work.

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