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Multiple unassignment

Posted: Sep 30, 2019 3:32 am
by Asura

I have a problem, my need is to be able to unassign tickets by the multiple selection, i've seen it to be possible to reassign to no one for just one ticket a time with standard editing like this :

and i tried by modifiying "bug_actiongroup_page.php" and adding an

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echo '<option value="0"></option>';
just before the function, just like this :

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case 'ASSIGN':
	echo '<option value="0"></option>';
	print_assign_to_option_list( 0, $t_project_id );
it somehow managed to make the list look like the other one in the standard editing :

but whenever i try to assign the ticket to this null option i get this error message :

Do someone know either how to fix this or how to make it happen in another way?

Best regards.

Re: Multiple unassignment

Posted: Sep 30, 2019 7:05 am
by cas
I would suggest to add an option "UnAssign" , see the notes on custom_group_actions within config_defaults_inc.php.
This way you ensure there is no need to change standard programs.

Re: Multiple unassignment

Posted: Nov 08, 2019 6:13 am
by TerranceM
Adding "UnAssign" option will work for you. Changing the default program can rellay prove risky.