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Related Changesets BOX

Post by clarkjohnken »

I've installed MantisBT 2.1.0 with the WEBSVN plugin and everything is working fine.
From the Repositories menu I'm able to see all the changesets revisions, including the ones that are linked to issues commited with the "#0000id".

My question is, in the older version I was able to see the "Related Changesets" bo inside the issue details, but in this version I cannot see where it is.

This is a miss configuration or not has been yet developed in 2.1.0 ???
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Re: Related Changesets BOX

Post by dregad »

Related changesets is still there and working just fine in MantisBT 2.x

See for example

As a side note, why 2.1.0 ? You should upgrade to the latest (2.24)
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