Response & Resolution time metrics

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Response & Resolution time metrics

Post by mandarponkshe »

I would like to get response time and resolution time reports from Mantis. My requirement is little more elaborate (like get the data by severity, month, etc.); however other requirements are not that important for this query.
By Response time, I mean time difference in minutes between issue creation and issue assignment.
By Resolution time, I mean time difference in minutes between issue assignment and issue closure.

Any thoughts, suggestions in getting this information would be very useful. Thanks..

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Re: Response & Resolution time metrics

Post by dyawlak »

I have written a reporting system in Paradox to do just this.

You have to be good at SQL but basically the query looks something like :

select, bug."project_id", bug."date_submitted", history."date_modified", custom."value" as "Ref"
from mantis_bug_table bug
left join mantis_bug_history_table history
ON (history."bug_id" = bug."id" AND
history."field_name" = 'status' AND
history."new_value" = '90')

left join mantis_custom_field_string_table custom
ON (custom."bug_id" = bug."id" AND custom."field_id" = 3),

mantis_user_table users
(users."id" = bug."handler_id" AND users."access_level" = 60) AND
(bug."date_submitted" >= ~s_from and bug."date_submitted"<=~s_to)

order by, custom."value"

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