Filter for last change?

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Filter for last change?

Post by gthomas »

Hi boys & girls,

is there ANY way to filter MantisBT-Data concerning the date and time of last modification?
Something like
"give me all bugs where modification-date >= 24.12.2011, 10.05pm"?

Is there any way to modify filter via SOAP?
vServer using
Mantis 1.2.6
PHP 5.3.2
MySQL 5.1.41
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Re: Filter for last change?

Post by gerald2545 »

I had the same question as we are more interested in displaying the bugs by modification date rather than creation date (maybe not the case for everybody).

A turnaround is to modify the Where clause of the query in the core/filter_api.php (mantis 1.2.10):

replace line 1613
array_push( $t_where_clauses, "($t_bug_table.date_submitted BETWEEN " . db_param() . " AND " . db_param() . " )" );
with line
array_push( $t_where_clauses, "($t_bug_table.last_updated BETWEEN " . db_param() . " AND " . db_param() . " )" );

I just made the change and it seems to work.

I also change the lang file to be clearer :
Select bugs updated between 2 dates

Not a nice solution but solved my problem
Mantis 1.2.10
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