Email notification header encoding goes wrong sometimes

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Email notification header encoding goes wrong sometimes

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We are using MantisBT at Version 1.2.8 running on a windows box and IIS6. All goes fine and email notification do work pretty well. However for some users, when they send notification taht contain accented chars in the subject, the notification field gets broken and shows for example :

interestingly, further notification for this same bug will come up with the proper encoding. Does any one have already have this issue, is this a configuration issue?


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Re: Email notification header encoding goes wrong sometimes

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I dont know what could cause an issue like this but there are couple things maybe worth to try:

whenever you receive a mail like this try to perform exactly the same operation as what triggered the mail. So if there was a change in status move back the issue and do the same, if it was a comment, then add the same comment etc. It makes no sense that the problem appears randomly so I am pretty sure there is a pattern behind. Also if someone gets a mail like this check the same mail on other users computer to see if the problem occurs there as well. Try to forward to other users to see if its the same there.

If you check these then it could be easier to find the root cause. (maybe a funky char in the status or so which can not be encoded)

I know this is not a great help, but that how I would move forward.

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