Notifications on new bug

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Notifications on new bug

Post by airka »


I try to configure email notifications.
I want to send email notifications to every members of a project when a new bug is created.

I've configured my config_inc.php file like that :

$g_default_notify_flags['new']['threshold_min'] = REPORTER;
$g_default_notify_flags['new']['threshold_max'] = MANAGER;

And I checked "Status changes to new" in "Manage Configuration - Email Notifications".

Managers reveive the notifications, but reporters not.
Can you help me ?


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Re: Notifications on new bug

Post by edomal »

have you set the account configuration correctly?

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Re: Notifications on new bug

Post by istvanb »

Try to set it at manage/manage configuration/email notifications

You will face troubles if you want to notify the reporters as well, since by default every user is a reporter in every project, which means EVERYBODY will recieve mails about the new issue even if they would never use that given project.

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