View unresolved issues on a given date

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View unresolved issues on a given date

Post by crenner »

Hello everyone,

I am currently looking for a way to view issues based on date and status.

Is there a way to "pretend" to be on e.g. April 16 and ask Mantis what issues were unresolved on that date?
In View Issues [Advanced], I have selected "Status" values {New, Feedback, Acknowledged, Confirmed, Assigned} and "Use Date Filters" to include timespan "April 16 to April 16".

My impression is that the status field is not linked with the Use Date Filters field in the way I described above. It appears that the Status field filter is simply applied to the *current* issue status.

I am using Mantis version 1.2.4.

Thanks for your help and for the great work you're doing with Mantis,

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Re: View unresolved issues on a given date

Post by istvanb »

You can not search for data retrospectively, although in this case you write a simple routine which checks the status of the issues at a certain date. You should search for a status change in the history table or so.

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