BigInteger problem with SOAP API

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BigInteger problem with SOAP API

Post by cricri38 »


I'm using the MANTIS Java SOAP API (library mantis-axis-soap-client-1.2.19). I face the following strange behaviour with biginteger data.
For example, when I'm using an API method that returns a BigInteger (for instance mc_project_get_id_from_name), the returned value is always null.
If I use the method mc_enum_status(), the ObjectRef returned contain a valid label (getName(), but the id (returned by getId() is always null).
All the getId() always return null !
I have been able to test the webservices with SOAPUI and the values (including the id) returned by the WS are correct.
Is it a problem of deserialization ?
Our server has been recently upgarded to Java 1.8. Maybe it is related to this Java upgrade ?

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Re: BigInteger problem with SOAP API

Post by rombert »

That is a bit strange. I'm running the Mylyn-Mantis connector for Eclipse with Java 8 and I see no such issues.

Perhaps try a different version of axis?

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