Change status without update right

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Change status without update right

Post by taquion » Jul 27, 2017 1:30 pm


I have a problem with this operation. An updater user with only "Update issue status" right can visualize the change status button and enter to bug_change_status_page and see the fields in order to change the status, but the system shows an error (Access Denied) when push the button to submit the change.

Only when i tick the right "Update an issue" the system allow the updater user to submit the change of the status, but too enables the edit button that (in my case) the user doesn't need.

This issue it's similar to:

My version of mantis is: 2.4.1.

Is this a bug or is a missconfiguration of my part?

Thanks in advance
Mantis: 2.4.1
PHP: 7.0
SQL: MariaDB 10.0
OS: Win 10

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