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custom configuration settings

Post by Mr.Mantis » Jul 28, 2017 4:11 am

I've been going through the custom settings, searched both the web and the forum, but couldn't find a solid answers.
I use Mantis slightly different than general and this requires some custom settings. This is mostly done through the use of Configuration Report. All else is set globally.

Is there a way to select multiple users here?
Right now I have to create a seperate setting for only 1 function I want to add per person. Only a few people are allowed to create a ticket and assign it while creating all other tickets should come in unassigned.

What setting determains the names that are available to select here?
I see it's only the people with rights higher than reporter level, but I can't find the $g setting corresponding to this.

Access Level
Access level to what?
If this means access to edit, that's fine. However, this seems redundant to mention considering the following question.

Can this be changed?
It's always set to administrator and there seems no way to change this.

Missing feature
You can assign a configuration to a project or a person, or both, but how do you assign it to a role?
Additional to my very first question, is there a posibility to create a configuration setting specifically for example the developers.

If for any of the above there are global settings I might have missed I'd love to see them.

Thanks in advance.

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