Keep the Reporter while copying the ticket

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Keep the Reporter while copying the ticket

Post by quynhtrangvo »


I want to copy some tickets of a project to another project. The function copy changes the original Reporter to the one who does the duplication.

I would like that it can keep the original Reporter of the ticket. Could you please adivse?

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Keep the Reporter while copying the ticket

Post by atrol »

This is not possible as it would generate wrong and confusing data.
It would look like in the history of the copied issues as if a user (the original reporer) had done something what he had not done in reality (created the copy).

You could
- ask the original reporter to copy the tickets
- use the "Impersonate User" functionality of the "Manage User" page to act as the user (not recommendd as you finally create the some wrong data that I described before)
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