Issue with encoding after upgrade to Mantis 2.14.0

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Issue with encoding after upgrade to Mantis 2.14.0

Post by Isia » Sep 14, 2018 4:35 am


I have just updated my Mantis BT from 1.2 to 2.14.0. I did the upgrade of the DB through the install.php page. Everything went fine.

I also ran the check/inedx.php and got some errors regarding the DB and table collations : some of them where still in latin1 instead of utf8 so I converted the database, all tables and all columns to utf8 as requested. Now I don't have anymore errros in the check page.

But when I report an issue, the special characters are not encoded right in the DB : I can see in the logs the insert query which is wrong
0 => 'INSERT INTO mantis_bug_text_table
( description, steps_to_reproduce, additional_information )
( \'TEST avec des accents é è à\',\'\',\'\')',

And the weirdest thing is that when the bug is updated, there is no encoding issue and special characters are saved and displayed correctly!!

Can someone please help me?

Thanks in advance

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