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Re: Developer behavior

Post by truefriend-cz »

Roland Becker as atrol, I repeatedly ask you to leave your negotiations immediately!

Several times, I have told you how and when the problem occurs. You have repeatedly select ticked as solved without thoroughly testing it!!!

I do not need to attack anyone. I want to help with the product, but in some things I also need help from developers (and others) and not and not the atrol throws sticks under his feet.
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Re: Developer behavior

Post by Starbuck »

OK, as just another member of this forum I have some requests and advice.

I understand you do not speak English as a native. Many people here do not. This sometimes causes misunderstandings. That's fine. I am using simple English here to be as clear as possible.

Please discontinue discussion of people. We are here to discuss the software. No one here is paid for the time they are here. People who answer questions are here because they are generous and offer their time for free. Please do not offend people who give their time to us. We are all hurt if people who have answers choose not to be here.

When reporting a problem, I suggest you keep sentences short. Be very specific about every point. Keep posts short. Ask focused questions.

Respond directly to questions that come back to you. When you post a response, look back, and make sure you responded clearly to all questions. Be specific with blockquotes followed by Yes or No. Provide screenshots or text from your system to support your answers.

If you believe someone does not understand you, re-state your original point/question to make it more clear.
If you disagree with what someone else says, say you disagree with that point, but continue independently with all other points.
You may disagree with an answer, but if someone is explaining how the software works, disagreement is irrelevant - that IS the way it works.

There are MANY tickets for issues in Mantis. Only a few people are working on those tickets, in their free time, so that we can enjoy this software for free. You can vote to support a ticket, but please don't complain when tickets are not being processed.

This is all Free and Open Source Software. YOU are as responsible for this software as anyone else. There is no owner. WE, all of us, own it. All of us must contribute to it. If the software needs to be fixed or changed, WE must do that. WE can't complain about someone else not making this software better. If YOU don't like the way the software works, YOU can get someone to help YOU change it. If you choose not to contribute to improving the software, then you choose to accept the software and the people who do work on it as they are. That is the way FOSS works.

My final suggestions : If you continue to have a specific issue, start a new thread, follow the above advice, add helpful information to an existing ticket if there is one, answer questions that are asked, and accept solutions that are given to you. Personal exchanges are not necessary.

Thank you.
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