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Problem creating issues with custom fields using REST API

Posted: Sep 05, 2019 9:20 am
by mwas01

I'm trying to create new issues using Mantis REST API but I'm getting a problem with custom fields, I'm following guidlines from Postman and sending that data in json:

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	'summary': 'Test_summary', 
	'project': {'id': '123'}, 
	'custom_fields': [
		'field': {'name': 'IP name'}
		'value': 'Test', 
		'field': {'name': 'Other'}}
		'value': 'MISC', 
	'description': 'Test_summary', 
	'category': {'name': 'RnD Env'}
But I'm getting answer back that custom field is empty:

"Invalid custom field 'IP name' value.","code":11,"localized":"A necessary field \"IP name\" was empty. Please recheck your inputs."

Mantis v. 2.22 but same problem was present in previous install v 2.14