Mantisbt LDAP startTLS

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Mantisbt LDAP startTLS

Post by jeuslein »

Hello, does any of the most recent mantisbt releases support by default LDAP startTLS encrypted authentication mode?

We have set the LDAP server for startTLS encryption as ldaps is being deprecated. Apparently this is a very old request from mantisbt community but I have found no real useful help that properlly explains how the usage of startTLS usage for LDAP is possible. Therefore:

What is required to use LDAP startTLS connections to the LDAP server?
If required to customize the ldap_api.php library file or even build a new one can you detail what should we change/add?
What linux packages would we require to install on the environment to use LDAP (with startTLS) as authentication method?
Does the above requirement, demands for the configuration of the /etc/openldap/ldap.conf? Any special setting demanded/required in that file?

thanks in advance for the help.
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Re: Mantisbt LDAP startTLS

Post by dregad »

Please have a look at

We are still waiting for that pull request, so If you're willing to do the legwork and submit one with working code based on the attached patch, I'll gladly review it.
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