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Export from Mantis 1.2.10 -> Import to Mantis

Posted: 27 Oct 2020, 11:20
by Violanzzj
Hi all,

just installed a brand new Mantis instance which is looking way better then the old version we were running! Now I got to the point of transfering data from the old DB, towards the new DB.

The main goal would be to have all issues transferred, but it would even be better if I can transfer the whole DB from old, to new.

So I did do some digging, but didn't find the most optimal way of doing this. Can someone please give me some guidance on this, what the best way is.

Main question;
  • what is the best method to transfer all the data:
    • XML?
    • Database Export/Import?
    • Any other solution?
I've already tried to do the XML Export on the old version, but this gave me a Page Error, but the Plugin is installed according the management overview. Not sure what is wrong there.
The webpage at https://it..../mantis/plugin.php?page=X ... ort/export might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Besides I found some info, that custom fields are not transferred with the XML since this wasn't in place for that version.

The DB Export/Import I didn't tried yet. Not sure if this is possible when there are that many versions in between. Anyone that knows this?

Thank you for your time and looking forward for your help!


Re: Export from Mantis 1.2.10 -> Import to Mantis

Posted: 27 Oct 2020, 11:33
by atrol
I recommend to try database export/import to try upgrade in a first step
Run the upgrade on the copy of the database as described in the manual ... ll.upgrade
Depending on the experience, run the upgrade on the production database, or switch from the old installation to the new one.