summary by date not working

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summary by date not working

Post by cilevine »

I just finished installing both mantis, wonderful program. Have 6 test bugs in the system, everything seems to be working fine except one chart - summary of problems by date.

It lists the number 6 straight down the list from 1 to 365, and it hasn't changed over the last two days.

Any suggestions or is this a bug?

Thanks again for a great program -


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Post by thraxisp »

The chart graphs the number of bugs that were submitted less than or equal to n days ago, where n is the number listed in the right hand column. If you added 6 bugs on one day, all of the numbers would be the same until after the 7th day.


Post by Guest »

ahhh - thank you, was looking at backwards - now it makes sense

great program, keep up the good work

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