Can't view any attachment after upgrade

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Can't view any attachment after upgrade

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I was using mantis v0.19
I upgraded to ver 1.0.0.rc1, but in new fresh folder, so I installed new mantis and updated database (using Mantis Admin tools), recreate config files, etc.
Then I copy all attach files at new folder destination (same folder name)

The problem is:
I can upload new files and view them without problem (new files are saved in the same folder that old ones), but I can't see any "old" attach (IE opens a blank windows)
Path, files, permissions and Project configuration seems to be ok, but I still can't view attachs uploaded before upgrade.

Another issue:
I notice that new uploaded files are saved on disk with a strange name (like "075338a4ba7942f1ce5b9bccd4a6c1ec") and without extension, instead old attach who was saved with original name+extension (eg: snap1.gif).
Is it normal? Can I have my "old-fashion-style-attach" again?

Aditional info:
Mantis ver. 1.0.0.rc1
SO: Windows XP Pro (with IIS)

(from config_inc.php)
$g_file_upload_method = DISK;

Database differences between old and new attach:
(select * from mantis_bug_file_table...)
Id 1886 is an old attach, 2427 a new one.

id, bug_id, title, description, diskfile, filename, folder, filesize, file_type, date_added, content
1886, 2365, '', '', 'attach\0002365-1.GIF', '0002365-1.GIF', 'attach\', 53227, 'image/gif', '2005-05-03 10:00:49', ''
2427, 2619, '', '', 'attach\075338a4ba7942f1ce5b9bccd4a6c1ec', 'PAC01.GIF', 'attach\', 3067, 'image/gif', '2005-08-25 17:45:00', ''


Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

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Post by thraxisp »

The old and new naming systems should be compible with the old one. This was done to obscure file names (and types) if the attachment directories weren't secured properly.

What error message are you seeing?
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Same problem

Post by jbevi »

I have the same problem. I can't see the old attachment, and no error is informed.
Please sombody help me.

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Post by TomR »

Are you sure that you copied your uploaded files in the same directory structure as before.

And was your copy binary done?


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