Not entering in required field

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Not entering in required field

Post by dyawlak »

Mantis ver 1.1.2
MS SQL 2005

One of the biggest issues for my team is that if they forget to enter something in a required field and press Submit, the next screen gives them a controlled error, but there they loose everyhting they've typed and have to renter the lot. Not too bad on update, but when entering an initial case it's a hard lesson. Is there anything that can be done to ease the pain so to speak.


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Re: Not entering in required field

Post by olwolff »

I have the same problem. Just now this entry is two/three years old. Is this behaviour with current Mantis releases just now improved? Or is there any solution for this? If not, I think no user can use required field with Mantis. Too often a user forgets a required field and have to fill the complete bug form again and again and lose information. Me too. :(

Solution available, i.e. back function or something else?

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Re: Not entering in required field

Post by atrol »

update to 1.1.8
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